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Hi, My name is Mark Davey, I have been making scale models since the age of 5, although I had a 30 year break I still love the hobby.

I have seen many changes over the years with different types of finishes becoming the norm and weathering coming on main stream. I like the panel lining and preshading side of things so that the finished model doesn't look like a Die-Cast toy. I build mostly aircraft from WWII to present. For most of my hobby years I have used different Acrylic paints but have been introduced to the AlcladII range of products firstly through there fantastic metal finishes and on to the brand new MIL-SPEC Enamel range of paints. These paints use the finest pigments available and are all true BS,RAL,RLM and so on colours. Being enamels they are very hard wearing and when used in conjunction with AlcadII's varnishes makes them as hard as nails. Add the new Alclad Hogwash washes and the Alclad Warpigs pigments, you have the complete painting ingredients. Links to my FB page and to Alclads FB and webpage are above. Commision work is always undertaken. Please contact for prices and availbility. 

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